Are You Ready To "Battle in the Berms" .....

Range will be HOT in just about 2 weeks. So LOAD your mags and MAKE READY for some LCIDPA fun.

The Lake County IDPA Tier II Championship Match “Battle in the Berms III” is just two weeks away. The match book with stages is now published and can be found here with this article. The match book can be downloaded by visiting “Match Info – Stages” in the navigation menu and are also available on our FaceBook page.

John Sellman,  Match Director has this message for our shooters.

“We at Lake County IDPA are looking forward to providing a challenging yet fair match to all shooters participating in our Battle in The Berms. I personally am looking forward to seeing all of our shooters enjoying the day of safe shooting! Let’s hope for a cool and sunny day! … See you all “In the Berms”!!!”

John isn’t the only one with a few reminders:

Our masterful, insightful, all inspiring squad leader Todd Roman wants to remind you of the following:

    • BE ON TIME – Checkin is from 7:30am to 8:30am.
    • Have youur EGC Waiver form completed ahead of time. DOWNLOAD IT HERE
    • No more Division changes allowed.
    • Withdrawl dealine was September 1st. NO REFUNDS – NO SWAPS

A few more things; please be sure to thank any sponsors on site. After all they help make the matches more enjoyable with their gifts that go to you the shooter. While we are thanking people why not thank the SO’s who are working your stage? Many took days off from work earlier in the week so they could shoot allowing them to concentrate on one thing only on match day, YOU!

Do you ever thank the setup crew when you go to a match? They come out in the Florida sun instead of working in that nice air conditioned office (NOT), all so that we can all come out have a great day of shooting and fellowship. The unsung heroes of every match as the names are too many to ramble off during the match brief.

This years match like the years before it has some of the best stages to be found in the state of Florida. Each one planned with such detail… that studying the match book, planning your strategy over a cup of coffee or a beer with your buddies is an annual ritual.


What your competition looks like for the match…

    • Registered Shooters – 146
    • Carry Optics Shooters – 57
    • ESP Shooters – 30
    • SSP Shooters – 29
    • CDP Shooters – 10
    • CCP Shooters – 10
    • Revolver Shooters – 6
    • BUG Shooters – 4

This Article was Written By:  Bruce Formhals Ι LCIDPA