Ammunition Power Factors

Ammunition and IDPA Power Factors

Lake County IPDA adheres to the Power Factor and ammunition minimum requirements as set forth by IDPA. The following rules apply to ammunition used in IDPA matches. There are three (3) basic rules as follows:

  1. Metal piercing, incendiary, and tracer ammunition is prohibited.
  2. Clubs may prohibit cartridges that may damage metal targets.
  3. All ammunition must use a single projectile.

The goal is to compete with commonly available ammunition. The IDPA Divisions and Power Factors shown here are current but are subject to change by IDPA. Please ensure that you visit the Offcial IDPA website to ensure you are looking at the most current information.

IDPA Ammo Power Factors

Table Data Notes:
All velocity data was calculated and then rounded up to the next-higher foot per second if an integer result was not obtained.

IDPA Power Factor Tables


Calculate the power factor by multiplying the bullet weight in grains by the bullet velocity in feet per second (fps), divide by 1000, and ignore numbers to the right of the decimal.

For example, a 230.1 grain bullet at 794.7 fps: 230.1 x 794.7 /1000 = 182.86047, or 182 power factor.

Official Chronograph Procedures

Chronograph is conducted with the competitor present. Ammunition is pulled and/or bagged prior to arriving at the chronograph stage. The chronograph official will use the competitor-supplied firearm, and the following procedure will be used:

  1. If two of the three rounds meet or exceed the required power factor, the ammunition is in compliance. Prior to each shot, the muzzle of the firearm will be elevated to vertical (if range rules permit) to move the powder charge to the rear of the case, thus giving the competitor every chance to achieve maximum velocity.
  2. A bullet will be pulled and weighed using a powder scale. If two rounds exceed the highest velocity for the caliber and power factor, pulling the bullet and weighing is optionally waived.
  3. A competitor whose ammunition fails to make power factor will be allowed to shoot the match, but their total score will be a disqualification.